Welcome Readers!

My name is Sonja and I am an aspiring writer! I love expressing myself through the written word, and engaging in different philosophies of thought. I should put a disclaimer in here that I am a fourth year undergraduate Bachelor of Arts student with a Major in Sociology…YIKES! So in case you are wondering why my thoughts are random at best, it is most likely because I trying out different schools of social thought 🙂

A little bit about myself though perhaps? View More: http://sarah-katephotography.pass.us/sonja

Well to start off with I enjoy the outdoors..I cannot stress it enough, nature is my sanctuary! It is where I connect with God, my Savior and my Lord. I also love going on hiking and climbing adventures with friends despite the fact that I am very much a beginner and tend to freak out while struggling to make it to the next ledge of the bluffs!  I am also passionate about social justice and social development initiatives. I love learning about the people around me and around the globe.

In the past year and a half, I have gotten involved in the emerging music industry as a radio DJ/Host at my local campus-community radio station CIVL 101.7FM (www.civl.ca). I love the people there, the staff and my core team who help me produce and write the show. Oh! You’re probably wondering what my show is: The CIVL Oxfam Show-Where talk becomes reality! Check us out at: https://www.facebook.com/civloxfamufv. Basically in short, we love to talk about social justice issues related to Oxfam Canada’s campaigns while also introducing new music from up and coming artists! We have interviews ranging from global social justice activists to a random students we just happen to pull into the studio the day we are in production! So if you have a really neat social-justice project that you just want some community/global media coverage on..comment below and let’s chat!

Well, I think that’s it for me for the time being! If you would like to share anything on here please feel free to! The more diverse the writing, the more we can learn from each other!

Good morning, Good afternoon, and Good night to whoever you are!

Thanks for stopping by!




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